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Hands of Hope Food Pantry operates as a free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs. There is no charge to those who shop with us. Our clients shop to supplement their food budget during times of crisis and as they work toward self-sufficiency. We are located in Portland, Tennessee and serve residents living in Sumner County. We currently serve 150-180 families per week thanks to our generous partners and volunteers who help make this service available for our community!

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Hands of Hope Food Pantry volunteers work six days a week to provide a dignified shopping experience for Sumner County residents facing food insecurity. Community helping community!

Feeding the Community

Hands of Hope Food Pantry was founded to compensate for the Portland community's struggle with food poverty. What first began on a smaller scale out of our director's home has now blossomed into a full fledged Food Pantry for Portland, Tennessee. We provide a dignified shopping experience just like a grocery store! Our shoppers can pick exactly the items they need and want for their family.


Supplying the Essentials

One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in the Portland, Tennessee area have their basic needs met. A Blessing Box that houses hygiene products, food items, and other essentials has been installed outside the Food Pantry for times when we are not open. Please feel free to add any non-perishable items to the Blessing Box.

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